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Join Us for the best Hunting in Canada!

Located in Cumberland House Saskatchewan, Canada in some of the world prime hunting ground for Moose, Whitetail Deer, and Black Bear. As an outfitter, we have been in business longer than most of the animals around us. We run our outfitting business in the forest area of Saskatchewan which provides a perfect environment for the game we hunt to grow large and makes for excellent trophy hunting opportunties. The winters where we hunt in Canada get cold with heavy snow. In order for the high populations of whitetail deer to survive and the moose to thrive they have adapted over the centuries by growing larger body sizes. This helps them sustain the Canadian winters and produces trophy class deer and moose. When hunting black bear in Saskatchewan Canada you can expect to see bears ranging over 400 pounds on a consistent basis. A large portion of the black bear population is also found in the less common color phases of chocolate brown bears, cinnamon colored black bears and some blonde colored black bears.. Our duck hunting outfitting in Saskatchewan takes advantage of the large flocks of migrations during the fall when the skies seem to be full of Mallard ducks as well as many other species such as pintail ducks, and canvasback ducks.

Join Us for the best Hunting in Canada!

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